Peter Flint resides in New York City, composing music for all sizes and shapes of ensembles.
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Video: Dance Dance Dance in Havana, Cuba

I had a fantastic trip to Havana to hear the Camerata Romeu, conducted by Zenaida Romeu, perform the premier of my piece Dance Dance Dance for String Orchestra. The orchestra played wonderfully and really nailed the tough rhythms I had in there. The concert venue, the Basilica de San Francisco in Vieja Habana, was effectively sold out, with about 400 people in the audience, most of them Habaneros. I was truly honored to have my music played by such a great group in a unique setting.

There was a professional video and audio crew there so hopefully I’ll get access to their edited versions eventually. For now, here’s a link to some video I made of the third movement of the piece. I’ll have all the audio up shortly. Enjoy!

Projects 2015

Things are starting to ramp up for a number of different projects. Upcoming activites include:

  • July 18, evening – World premiere of my string orchestra composition, Dance Dance Dance by the Camerata Romeu in Havana, Cuba!!!
  • July 22, 6-8pm – I’ll be playing solo accordion in Bryant Park as part of their Accordions Around The World festival. My friends in the Bachtopus Accordion Quartet may drop by to play a few tunes with me as well.
  • August 7-8 – I’ll be playing accordion on the annual American Accordionist Association workshops and concerts with Bill Schimmel at the Tenri Cultural Institute on W. 13th Street in NYC.  In addition to playing some Bach with Bill, I’ll be performing a Scott Joplin rag and the world premiere of the all-accordion version of my piece, Halfway. 
  • A new group, yet to be named, featuring a lot of new music I’ve been writing, inspired by my recent study of Afro-Cuban rhythms. It will include accordion, percussion, flute, cello, and like bass as a core with perhaps others added later. We’ll be doing preliminary read-throughs of the material this summer and planning to starting to play out in the fall of 2015
  • Performances with the Bachtopus Accordion Quartet. We’re a group of four NYC accordionists playing both classical and contemporary repertoire. We’ll be playing in Bryant Park in July with dates and other details to be announced.
  • I’ll be recording and releasing some of my accordion music, including The Waning Moments of Raphus Cucullatus for accordion and guitar, and Halfway for four accordions. Links here when they’re ready.
  • My piece for piano and electronics, Electrosonata:Spontaneous Combustion, performed by incomperable Thomas Rosenkranz, has just been released on the Oberlin Music record label. It’s a magnificent recording in both stereo and BluRay surround sound, and includes music by a number of really great Oberlin Conservatory alumni composers. You can find it on Naxos Direct here or on Amazon here.

New Release

towardthecurveA fantastic new recording of my piece, ElectroSonata:Spontaneous Combustion, has just been put out on the Oberlin Music record label as part of the Towards The Curve cd, bluray, and digital download release. The incomparable Thomas Rosenkranz plays the heck out of it in an absolutely pristine sounding surround and stereo recording. If you buy the CD, you get both it both formats, a great deal.

In addition to my music, there are fabulous pieces for piano and electronics by Tom Lopez, Peter Swendsen, Aurie Hsu, Michael Klingbell, Pierre Jalbert, and Alex Christie; all tied together by lovely improvised piano interludes by Tom Rosenkranz himself. It’s really one of the best compilation records I’ve ever heard, and it really hangs together as one artistic statement. Check it out!

You can find it on Naxos Direct here or on Amazon here.

Sheetflow Songs recording available!

Check out my latest project – accordion, guitar, and electronics, collaborating with my friend Ben Kaplan. A pretty different and exciting new direction for me. Available now for streaming and download on



A short piece for tenor saxophone and piano, originally written for and premiered by Andrew Sterman in 2005.  Recorded by Andrew and Mick Rossi, piano at Sear Sound, NYC, 2007.  It was intended as concert opener, but works great anywhere on a program. Score and parts available for purchase.  (Use the Contact link at the top right of the page.)

Ten-Thirteenths is, for a limited time, a free download, available through the links below.  A gift to the fans! (Click the “I” below to download.)

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