Joseph Hallman

Joseph Hallman

Joe Hallman is a successful young Philadelphia composer who has had the opportunity to work with some of today’s most talented musicians and artists. His works are becoming more frequently performed in America and internationally. His generosity of cullaboration and joy for composing sets him apart from his peers.

The recently written series of chamber concerti, akin to the Brandenburg and Hindemith’s Kammermusik, have garnered acclaim for their wit and strength. They have been composed for members of the Philadelphia Orchestra,

New York Philharmonic, and others.

He has been a longtime cullaborator with the phenom-cellista Alisa Weilerstein, with whom he just returned from a successful premiere of his newest Cello Concerto with the St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic in beautiful and inspiring St .Petersburg. His work with poets has led to some strong relationships and beautiful works for voices and

chamber ensembles. His favorite poet of late has been Jessica Hornik, “the Hermit Poet of Alplaus”. He is also looking forward to working with a diverse roster of poets on a large scale work: a frame story on creation myths. Of late he has been in cahoots with the English Horn icon Thomas Stacy, of the New York Phil. Über-bassoonist Pascal Gallois, and Kevin Bowyer, organist.

He has also worked in the NY downtown scene with the improv/experimental ThingNY. Most recently, he wrote the Suite for Boombox and Piano for Kathy Supové, who premiered it on the Tribeca Music Festival (after previewing it with the assistance of the French director Michel Gondry (“Science of Sleep”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), etc. He has also cullaborated with the poet and screenwriter Antwone Fisher. He is currently working with the Avian Ensemble, Chamber Music Now, and ThingNY.