Music Catalog

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All For None (2000, 10:00)
for saxophone quartet

  • Four vs. None
  • Three vs. One
  • Two vs. Two
  • In the Pocket

Ascending Tendrils (2011, 13:00)
for fl, vln, vca, gamba, harpsichord

Bait and Switch (2003, 8:00)
for two cellos

Extending Tendrils (2011, 11:30)
for fl.,, vln, vca, piano, accordion, percussion

Fantastic Music for a Fabulous Tim(2006, 7′)
for fl., t.sax., vln., vcl., e.guitar, perc.

Freewheels (2008, 14:00) – a bicycle themed suite in six movements with accompanying video
for  fl, t.sax, vln, vca, pno, perc.

Goooooooooal!!! (2004, 10′)
for fl, tenor sax., vln, vlc, piano, perc., narrator

The Junk (1993, rev. 1996, 2:30)
for flute, alto saxophone, violin, viola, cello

Migratory Routes (2002, 25′)
for fl., cl., vln., vcl., pno., perc.

  • Fledglings/Shortening Days
  • Buteo Heads South
  • Northern Movers, Southern Shakers
  • The Northward Urge/Birds Over Water
  • Dispersal

Nation-Builder Tango (2004, 10:00)
for cl.,vln.,vca., pno.

Ten-Thirteenths (2005, 6′)
for tenor saxophone and piano


Dance Dance Dance (2001, 10′)
for string quartet

  1. It’s Got To Be…
  2. Deflection
  3. Hip Hip Hip

MicroConcerto:Spontaneous Combustion (2006, 15′)
for piano and string quartet


MicroSonata: Spontaneous Combustion (2007, 17′)
with cadenza by Blair McMillen

Two Angles on a Calm Sea (2000, 8′)

Vegetative States (2011, 3′)
for accordion and electronics


The Filthy Pleasure (2003, 1:30)
for singers (any) with mixed ensemble or rock band

Grass (2005, 3:20)
for bass with piano

Jealousy Too (2000, 2:45)
for soprano and baritone with piano or mixed ensemble, co-written with Conrad Cummings

The John Brown Cycle (2005, 20′)
soprano, tenor, bass/baritone w/ piano or chamber ensemble
(preview excerpts in 9 short parts from my forthcoming opera about the abolitionist John Brown)

Lust in Action (2000, 3:20)
for soprano and baritone with piano or mixed ensemble

Meeting in a Lift (2003, 4:00)
soprano and baritone with piano or mixed ensemble

The Moral Taxi (2003, 5:00)
soprano and baritone with piano or mixed ensemble

On the Just Treatment of Licentious Men (2005, 3′)
mezzo and piano

Resentment Near The Jade Steps (2005, 3:10)
soprano and piano

Sunny Days (2003, 2:45)
soprano with piano, keyboard, or mixed ensemble

Three Sonnet Songs (1999)
for soprano with piano

  • “How Oft…” (3:20)
  • “Shall I Compare Thee…” (3:45)
  • “Full Many A Glorious Morning…” (2:45)


Eroding the Helix (2001; 5′)
an overture for full orchestra